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Shooting Games
Featured Game: 2D Paintball
See The game

Not available.
    13 Days in Hell
Can you survive for 13 days

2D Paintball
See The game
    3 Wheeled Death Ride
Drive over guys, shoot them, do whatever it takes...

3D Tanks
Awesome 3D tank destroy game, you get mega points for planes!
    A murder of Scarecrows
Aim the seeds at the scarecrows to make them swipe at the ravens.

A Stitch in Time - Future
Travel into the future to save the world from Shego!
A fun Galaga-esque action game, shoot your enemies and survive the terror!

A.L.I.A.S 2
The sequel to one of the best shooting games created for flash, Artificial Life...
    Aerial Seige
Aerial Seige

Aero Chaos
Airplane Carnage
    Against War
stop the bombs from hitting the ground

Agent Wing Defenders Final
Shooting Game.
    aim and fire

Aim and Fire
Select your player , select your targets and then shoot away .
    Air Attack 2
a easy plane shooting game

Air Attack 3
pretty different then the other 2 alot harder and more challenges so becareful
    Air Attack One
Shoot down the waves of enemy planes

Air Fox
A 1941 type scrolling game where you shoot incoming enemy ships.
    Air Shooter
Shoot down all the enemy planes.

Air Strike
Shoot the enemys do not get nuked
    Air War
Aircraft shooting game. Elminate the enemy planes.

Throw snowballs at the moose.
    Alias 3
Blast everything!!! Watch out for the switches to help you on your way.

Alien Attack
A Shootem Up Game
    Alien Booya
FBI is trying to kill you! Slash them, shoot them our eat them!

Alien Hunter
Alien Hunter. Space Invaders with a hot female and aliens.
    Alien Invasion
Shoot the UFOs before they can land on Earth.

Alien Missle Attack
Shoot down the alien missiles
    Alien Scum Slaughter
Kill those aliens, save us!

Alien Terminator
Kill the aliens that are invading the planet
    Alien Under Fire
Kill the aliens!

Alpha Bravo Charlie
special-op heli rescue missions!
    Alpha Force
A good old fashion side scrolling shoot-em-up. Bosses? Smart bombs? Power up? 5...

Alpine Escape
Shoot the planes avoiding the airship and catch as many maidens as you can.
    Alpine Escape 2
Shoot the planes avoiding the mines and save as many maidens as you can.

Shoot the weird people that appear at the windows.
    Altex III
Shooting game, to shoot in zombies, action and strategy. It's scary game.

Americas Army
Nice Shooting Game
    Animal Hunter
Hunt animals to collect more time and power-ups.

Another non-African Safari
A wild, fast and difficult shooter on the African plains which will test your s...
    AOK Invaders
Space Invaders Aussie Rules style.

Apple Shoot
If you miss 3 red apples then you're game over! Good luck!!!
    Aqua Slug
A side scrolling platform shooter. Metal Slug with a water theme.

Space shooting game
    Aquarium Sprengischen
Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up the fish.

Not available.
    Arh Tiger
Pilot your ARH Tiger through enemy territory to complete your mission

Armada Assault
Shoot the oncoming crafts
    Armless Invaders
Stop the armless invaders from invading earth.

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